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Dr. Anna Hayes, Ph.D., is a physical therapist and has become an expert in the field of pain and stress relief. She works with the gently bodywork method, orthobionomy, that helps ease your dis-ease, releasing stress, pain and tension within your body....or the body of your horse. She is the only fully qualified Ortho-Bionomy practitioner in the UK and has run a successful practice since 2012, first in Germany and since 2017 in Ellesmere, North Shropshire. Anna provides individual solutions for individual people in a loving, caring and professional manner. 


Orthobionomy helps to ease physical pain in muscles, tendons and joints whilst also releasing stress and emotional tensions. Realigning the body in this gentle way allows the structure, the musculoskeletal system, to rebalance,  releasing restrictions within the nervous and circulatory systems, enabling our energy to flow freely and the body to function again as it should. The body, the mind and the soul will respond. 


Both people and horses enjoy orthobionomy and relax quickly in the treatment. It's a very gentle therapy with no painful positions or manipulations. Gentle touches and carefully selected positions whilst fully clothed (for the people, not the horses!) encourage the body to find its own position of comfort and natural balance. And because the body continues to heal itself, unless you are suffering from chronic dis-ease, there is usually no need for a lot of continuous ongoing treatment. Nothing will be “corrected”, but the body will be animated to find its own solutions.


From experience, 2 or 3 treatments on a weekly basis are usually important in order to consolidate the initial work and this will often suffice for issues involving acute pain. However, problems that have been around for a longer period of time will need more regular treatment and a longer time to heal. After the full treatment session many clients rebook every 6-8 weeks just to make sure that their, or their horses' body remains in balance. It is important to remember that healing, in a holistic sense, is a process, a life-long process. Orthobionomy can accompany the body to find its own position of ease in its own time, during this process.


Anna works in Ellesmere Complementary Centre at 3, Wharf Road in Ellesmere, North Shropshire, where she is now the manager. If you should be interested in finding out more about how orthobionomy may be able to help you, give her a call on 07377 315865 or 01691 587422. 


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"When we are on the right path, everything happens with ease and the right doors open at the right time."

Arthur Lincoln Pauls in "Philosophy and history of Ortho-Bionomy", 2002