Here you will find a collection of information from different sources that may help you with some self-care techniques.

You might also like to look at the article about the Chapman reflex points for self-help with cold
and flu-like symptoms,  
including throat, nose, ear and respiratory symptoms. 

introduction to ortho-bionomy

A little bit like a sales pitch, but never-the-less some important information about the principles of the Ortho-Bionomy. Useful to watch before you try the self-care exercises. 


lower back pain

This video is very comprehensive and demonstrates 8 different techniques to help you release muscle tension and relieve pain around your lower back. 



comfortable sitting posture

This video is excellent and talks you through treating your sacrum, hips, thorax and neck.  




Treat your wrist, thumb and finger joints.





Simple techniques to relieve tension in a stiff or painful neck. All three directions of movement are taken into account. 



UPper neck pain

This video shows several self-care exercises to help relieve stress, tension and pain in the upper neck and associated structures. 




A simple technique for helping to relieve uneven shoulders due to tension across the shoulder and in the lower neck.