Self-Help Videos

Orthobionomy can be very effective as self-care or self-help exercises. These videos demonstrate several simple-to-follow techniques following the principles of orthobionomy that have been successfully used by many to help relieve pain in the lower back, neck, upper neck and jaw. 

Self-Care for Lower Back Pain - 20min video

Follow a range of simple exercises using the principles of orthobionomy to help bring relief to your lower back pain, including: realigning a pelvic twist and a pelvic tilt, releasing tension in the sacrum, release of general muscle tension around the lower back, release of the iliopsoas muscle and release of the sacroiliac (SI) joints. These exercises may also be of help to relieve sciatic pain. However, in this case it is also advised that you see a qualified therapist. 


Self-Care for Neck Pain - 10 min video

Follow some simple exercises using the principles of orthobionomy to help relieve neck pain, including clear easy-to-follow instructions on how to use simple isometric techniques to help release muscle tension in the three main directions of movement in your neck. 


Self-Care for Upper Neck & Jaw Pain - 20 min video

Follow a range of simple exercises following the principles of orthobionomy to help relieve your upper neck, jaw and any associated ear pain, including: Neurolymphatic massage points to help with neck muscle relaxation, release of the atlas (first neck vertebra), massage of the upper neck muscles, neurolymphatic reflex point for the ears and realignment of the lower jaw. Can be useful if you are grinding your teeth at night.