Ortho-Bionomy for People · 06. May 2020
Here are some videos that comprehensively describe several self-care techniques from the Ortho-Bionomy that you can use yourself to help with lower back pain and neck pain during those times when it is impossible to get to your therapist,
Ortho-Bionomy for People · 27. March 2020
Self-help for cold and flu-like symptoms by massage of specific points on the upper thorax: These neurolymphatic reflex points, named after Chapman, become painful when the respiratory system is under stress. Gentle massage can help relieve the symptoms associated with each specific point.
Ortho-Bionomy for People · 07. November 2019
A brief review of the current research regarding how we feel pain and why different people feel pain in different ways. All explained in an easy to understand way.
Ortho-Bionomy for People · 03. November 2017
Back pain is very often caused by a misaligned pelvis. Realign the pelvis and very often the back pain will get better.
Equine Ortho-Bionomy · 28. May 2017
My first experiences offering courses for the Equine Ortho-Bionomy to people who have little or no previous experience of Ortho-Bionomy.
Equine Ortho-Bionomy · 28. May 2017
Upper neck problems and trauma after horse was tied securely to post and tried to break away
28. May 2017
Descriptions and stories of some of my more interesting cases working with the Ortho-Bionomy; with people, with horses, with dogs and with other animals.