Bodyhelp  workshops

For more general information about Ortho-Bionomy training and a career in Ortho-Bionomy please read this blog from Natural Healers. Although based in the US they provide much useful information. 


I offer workshops and courses for treating horses following the principles of the orthobionomy as well as workshops for people. These are not a part of the official Ortho-Bionomy training program. 

I offer a range of workshops where you learn to apply the principles of the Ortho-Bionomy to help with various symptoms. For the full program of workshops available please click here


We are also planning to bring the training program to become an Ortho-Bionomy practitioner to England, hopefully starting sometime in 2023 now, big delay due to Covid unfortunately. 



International courses can be found under the International Society for Ortho-Bionomy's website:



I offer courses for Equine Ortho-Bionomy for up to 8 people at your own stable. Experience with horses is a strict requirement, but no other therapeutic experience is necessary. You must provide or arrange one horse for every two people to practice with and at least one horse for demonstration purposes.


For more information about the courses that I give please click here. 


Please contact me to arrange a date.