How can Ortho-Bionomy
possibly help you?


I have had experience in the past of helping people with the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back ache and pains
  • Restricted movement and tension
  • Joint problems: Hip, knee, ankle and foot; shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.
  • Sport injuries, accidents and falls
  • Scars
  • Digestive problems
  • Fascia
  • Correct alignment of jaw before and after orthodontist
  • Trauma
  • Nervousness, stress and anxiety
  • Depression, fatigue and exhaustion
  • Burn-out and psychosomatic problems


1 hour Ortho-Bionomy treat(ment): £55


Back Pain and the Pelvis


From my years of experience I am convinced that most back pain comes from a misalignment of the pelvis. In fact, everybody that I have treated with back pain has benefited from a realignment of their pelvis even if the pain has not gone away immediately. Acute problems are often helped within one session, more chronic problems require, of course, a longer treatment session, normally 3-4 weekly sessions followed by treatments every 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months and then maybe 2-3 years before the back maybe calls again.


In essence it is a mechanical problem. Think of the bones, the skeleton. When the pelvis is misaligned, the vertebrae, the back,  will not be able to be straight, that means that the shoulders will also be misaligned, which means that the neck vertebrae will not be straight, as they will try to reorganise themselves to keep the eyes horizontal. Neck, shoulder and back pain can be the result.


When the pelvis is misaligned, is higher on one side than the other, then one leg will apparently be longer than the other, creating unnatural loading of the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints, and possible pain in these joints.


This is the reason why I almost always start a session by treating the pelvis, the whole pelvis ring: the ilium, the sacrum and the pubis. When the pelvis ring is stable, the rest of the body has a chance to realign itself. And if not, then we can help by looking at the rest of the body: the shoulders, the jaw, the back and neck vertebrae, the feet, the knee and the hip joint, all of which have an indirect effect on the alignment of the pelvis, as well as the inner organs and the fascia.


The pelvis also holds and protects our central energy source. That means that when the pelvic region is under tension, our energy can not flow freely. People often report after or during the treatment of the pelvis that "something" flows in one leg or the other, or both. This is often accompanied by a feeling of relaxation within the whole body.